1780845_580613772070547_1019884886444616684_nJohn Fletcher is a dedicated auto enthusiast who loves to experience and experiment with the best gadgets and latest developments in the automotive world. Once he finds something he enjoys, he loves to share it with as many fellow enthusiasts as possible.

Researching popular trends in the auto world and providing helpful tips to consumers and enthusiasts is a regular hobby of his, and he shares this information to help others make better decisions when buying and caring for their vehicles. When not enthralled by the auto world, he spends his time relaxing at his Florida home or traveling with his family.

His passion for automotive technology developed as a teenager following his own uncle around his auto shop. Since then, he has grown to become fascinated with all things related to automobiles, from paint jobs to professional racing. As an adult, he has repaired and enhanced many vehicles on his own.

In this time he has also seen many worried drivers without experience waste time and money for simple issues they likely could have solved with just a bit of guidance. Through this, he has made an effort to spread knowledge about helpful tools such as automotive jump starters to help drivers avoid unnecessary emergencies.

This effort is how this website was born. John realized how important it is for every driver to have an emergency car battery jump starter when their vehicles face troubles on the road. Having a personal jump starter box handy can make a world of difference when no one else is available or willing to assist you with jumping your battery. For consumers that are not familiar with this technology, we have made sure to recommend the best portable jump starters in terms of quality, performance and ease-of-use. Feel free to use this site as a reference when looking for your first car jumper pack.

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