Schumacher PSJ-2212 Portable Jump Starter Review

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Schumacher PSJ-2212 DSR ProSeries 2200 Portable Jump Starter
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feature 2200 peak amperes, 330 cranking ampere and 275 cold cranking amperes
feature 22 Ah professional grade, high output AGM battery
feature 12 Volt DC power outlet
feature Heavy duty clamp have replaceable copper jaws


Weight: 22.3 pounds

Dimensions: 14 x 4.7 x 15.2 inches

Model Number: PSJ-2212

Batteries: AMG

The Schumacher PSJ-2212 DSR ProSeries 2200 is our top choice on portable jump starter. I consider this unit the best in the market. This model isn’t just a very good jump starter, it’s a complete portable power unit. It is undoubtedly a perfect tool for travel and camping.

Considered a professional-grade portable jump starter, the PSJ 2212, has a high output 22Ah battery. With a peak current of 2200 amperes, 275 cold cranking amps and 300 cranking amps, this unit is unique in terms of energy saving. And don’t worry about jump starting your engines on cold mornings, this unit has you covered.

portable jump starter



This unit comes with top quality clamps that feature replaceable copper jaws and gauge 450 inches long heavy duty cables for improved efficiency. It also has a rubber base for high impact protection, and is vented case ensures maximum security and less risk of overheating.

In its interior, a built in AGM battery will give you all the power you need. It has 12 volts DC outlets, 3 ampere built in, automatic charger, this is surely an unit you’ll enjoy having at home when power isn’t stable.
Thanks to the great amount of power this unit can provide you can start anything with it: lawn mowers, boats, cars, motorcycles, trucks. With this unit you’ll always have enough power to fulfill your needs.

The Schumacher portable units is very well suited for tailgating, camping purposes, power outages and of course jump starting. You’ll never be stranded again, at any case of power outage, this unit will serve you well.
Among is features there is a reverse hook alarm to warn you before you try to start your engines if you connected the copper clamps in the wrong way, extremely helpful to avoid accidents such as damaging the electric appliances of your vehicle.

Our Verdict

Truth be told, this unit is one of the best units in the market and for the selling price it is definitely a bargain. You’ll be taking home an unit that will solve all of your power outage problems, be it traveling, camping or even in-house.

If you are looking to buy a portable jump starter with lots of potential and to be sure that you are well spending your hard earned money then this is the unit for you. Rest assured, you’ll never be short on power again.

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